Australian Pressure Laboratory
Specialist Calibration Service

Australian Pressure Laboratory is a specialist NATA accredited laboratory providing the following principal services:

  • Dead-weight tester calibration including pressure balance software.
  • Pressure calibrator and transducer calibration
  • Pressure gauge calibration

We aim to provide an expert calibration service with a constant drive to improve those aspects of the service that impact on the customer.

Rapid Turnaround

At Australian Pressure Laboratory we understand the need for a fast and dependable service so that instruments are out of service for the minimum time

  • We offer a standard turnaround of 2-5 days for all pressure instruments excluding Deadweight Testers
  • We now also offer an expedited service of 1-2 days by arrangement. This is a "drop everything" service where we will process your instrument as soon as it arrives at APL. Additional fees apply.
  • Deadweight Tester are completed within 2 weeks or faster by arrangement.

Call us on 03 9431 3658 or request a quote online

Latest News

Download Software Demo

APL is now pleased to offer a Measurement Audit service for other laboratories wanting to gain confidence in their measurement capability or to assist in meeting the obligations of their accreditation. We can offer these in any pressure range within our capability. Typical turnaround is less than 2 weeks. Please contact as for more information.

APLPressure Software

To help make your dead weight tester easier to use, try our APLPressure Software. It can assist with calculation of developed pressures, local gravity, uncertainty calculation and more.