NATA Accredited Pressure Calibration

Australian Pressure Laboratory is a specialist NATA accredited laboratory providing the following services:

  • Dead-weight tester calibration including pressure balance software
  • Pressure calibrator and transducer calibration
  • Barometer and absolute pressure calibration
  • Air Data Test Set / Pitot-Static Test Set calibration
  • Pressure gauge calibration
  • Proficiency testing and measurement audits in pressure
  • Calibration of DC electrical quantities

We are a team of qualified engineers and scientists providing an expert calibration service with a constant drive to improve our measurement capability and all other aspects of instrument calibration that impact on the customer.

Calibration certificates issued by Australian Pressure Laboratory are endorsed by NATA along with the ILAC MRA combined mark, which ensures they are recognised in Australia and internationally.  Our measurement uncertainties in pressure are among the lowest of all commercial laboratories in Australia and the pacific region, including unique capabilities in Dead-weight Tester calibration and very low gauge pressure.

Our friendly staff are highly qualified and experienced in pressure calibration, including three NATA technical assessors in pressure, so you can be assured that your instruments are handled carefully and assessed thoroughly to achieve their best possible performance. Your emails and phone calls are handled directly by our knowledgeable technical staff. 

Our standard turnaround times are the among the best in the industry, and we also offer an Expedited Service for any urgent requirements with turnaround within 1 day.

We keep a large range of calibration kits and digital displays to handle most popular modular pressure systems without needing your display device.  These include the Druck IDOS and PM620 sensors, Fluke 7x0P system, Beamex EXT and many more.  A current list of modules that we can handle without your display device is found here.  If you use a system not found in the list, please contact us for calibration options, or simply send your display device along with the modules.

We can also provide a variety of repairs and recommend or source new and replacement instruments.

Please contact us or request a quote online now.