Following a successful NATA technical assessment, APL is pleased to report some new and significant additions to our accreditation.

During the challenging COVID year that was 2020, the team at APL were very busy developing and proving-out a range of new capabilities in pressure and electrical calibration.  Having succesfully completed NATA's review process, we can now officially offer these as accredited services to our customers. 

The most significant developments include:

  • The ground-up design and development of a Vacuum Comparison System (VCS) enabling the calibration of vacuum gauges, such as Pirani and Capacitance Diaphragm Gauges. We hate to say APL sucks, but utilising a turbo-molecular vacuum pump and stainless steel vacuum chamber, we can now draw vacuum down to base pressures below 2 x 10-4 Pa and offer accredited calibrations down to 0.2 Pa absolute (2 x 10-3 mbar).  High accuracy reference gauges, calibrated by NMI Australia, enable us to offer uncertainties of 0.3% or 0.012 Pa.  This is a unique offering among NATA accredited commercial laboratories in Australia.

  • A completely redeveloped and expanded capability in electrical calibration.  Previously we had a reasonable capability in DC voltage and current only, up to 100 V and 100 mA, but we have now purchased a range of high accuracy electrical references and developed supporting systems to obtain a drastically improved uncertainty and expanded range up to 1000 V and 20 A (1000 A for clamp meters), while also adding AC voltage/current, resistance (up to 1 GΩ) and frequency (up to 2 MHz).  This enables us to offer complete in-house calibration for many multifunction calibrators and meters.

  • Significantly improved capability in absolute pressure calibrations, using a Ruska 2465 Absolute Dead Weight Tester, with least uncertainty reducing from 5 Pa down to 30 ppm or 0.4 Pa. This greatly enhances our ability to calibrate altimeters, Air Data / Pitot-Static Test Sets and barometers.  We are now also accredited to perform calibration of absolute Dead Weight Testers.
  • Halving of our least uncertainty in low gauge pressure (<4 kPa), reducing from ±0.3 Pa to ±0.15 Pa.  For a long time we believed our true capability in low gauge pressure to be substantially better than ±0.3 Pa, but were previously unable to locate a proficiency testing partner to demonstrate a lower uncertainty.  We have recently performed detailed PT with NMI Australia to prove our true capability to be better than ±0.15 Pa utilising our APL-designed/built dual piston pressure balance.  This is a unique offering among NATA accredited commercial laboratories in Australia.