Although pressure calibration may appear in the accreditation for a number of NATA labs, APL's capability is certainly not common; in fact we have a range of unique and specialised capabilities that aren't found in other commercial NATA ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories. 

Apart from government standards laboratories (NMI Australia and MSL New Zealand), APL is the only ISO/IEC 17025 / NATA accredited laboratory in the AU/NZ region for calibration of these highly accurate primary references for pressure, including gauge and absolute pressure models, piston-based or ball/nozzle. Calibration is a full area and mass calibration, and we offer our own software to make the calculations to true pressure easy.
APL designed and made a unique dual-opposing-piston pressure balance which provides us with an extremely stable and accurate reference for generating low gauge pressures.  We have the lowest accredited uncertainty of all NATA laboratories in low gauge/draft pressure of ±0.15 Pa up to 4000 Pa.  This is a critical capability in the important medical areas of negative/positive pressure rooms for viral containment, assisted ventilation and HVAC.  If you require accurate calibration of low gauge pressure or differential pressure gauges, APL can offer the lowest accredited uncertainties in Australia.
APL has designed and developed a Vacuum Comparison System (VCS) in accordance with ISO3567, allowing us to perform accredited calibrations in vacuum down to 2 x 10-3 mbar / 1.5 mTorr.  Calibration of your vacuum instruments is by direct comparison to our reference gauges which are calibrated by NMI Australia, allowing us to offer vacuum traceability to Australia's national standards.  We are the only NATA accredited commercial laboratory with a capability in vacuum down to this level, enabling us to offer cost-effective ISO/IEC 17025 accredited reports to critical vacuum industries such as refrigeration, silicon-chip and advanced manufacturing.
APL covers a very broad pressure range from 0.2 Pa absolute up to 280 MPa (stay tuned for more!) with among the lowest uncertainties in the Asia-Pacific region over the full range.  We are constantly striving to ensure that we can calibrate any pressure instrument that you might own, and confirm performance is within the full manufacturer's accuracy.  With the constant evolution of digital/electro-mechanical pressure sensing, keeping ahead is not an easy task and we are always working to improve our measurement uncertainties.  In addition to pressure, we also maintain a high accuracy electrical laboratory so that we can fully calibrate multi-function process calibrators within a single laboratory.