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APL's accreditation increases to 500 MPa and reduced uncertainties 7 to 280 MPa
1 December 2023

APL has been busy developing a new capability in high pressure up to 500 MPa (5000 bar / 72500 psi) over the past year and has now extended our NATA ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for this pressure range. Additionally, we have demonstrated significantly lower uncertainties to support an improvement in our accreditation over the range 7 to 280 MPa.

Jordy testing a 420 MPa digital gauge

APL has been appointed as a Verifying Authority for Reference Standards of Measurement
19 October 2023

APL has been appointed as a verifying authority for reference standards of measurement for the quantity of pressure (and mass pertaining to Dead weight testers) by the Australian Government National Measurement Institute. This means that APL is able to issue reports for pressure instruments under regulation 13 of the National Measurement Regulations 1999 (Cth). Certificates issued under this regulation are legally recognised and required in some industries where the measurements are used for trade.

APL at the Measurement Standards Laboratory, New Zealand
23 February 2023

Thank you to Peter McDowall and Mark Clarkson for the generosity with their time and expertise, giving us a tour of their impressive pressure laboratory and the development of their differential-pressure based Kibble balance. It was a highlight for us while attending the Metrology Society of Australasia conference in Wellington.

APL will be at the MSA2023
17 September 2022

It feels like a long time since we learnt how to perform COVID-era contact-free greetings during the MSA Conference in Melbourne 2020, so we are looking forward to attending the upcoming 2023 MSA Conference in Wellington NZ.  The MSA conferences are always great events. APL has joined as a sponsor and we hope to see you there!

APL has unique capabilities
01 April 2022

Although pressure calibration may appear in the accreditation for a number of NATA labs, APL's capability is certainly not common; in fact we have a range of unique and specialised capabilities that aren't found in other commercial NATA ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories. 

Process Calibrator Specialists
04 October 2021

APL has completed another expansion of our NATA Scope of Accreditation, which concludes a significant expansion in our electrical laboratory that has kept us busy in development for the past 18 months.  

We are now able to perform full accredited calibration of pressure and multifunction process calibrators in-house at APL, including calibration of pressure, electrical and temperature scales by electrical simulation.

APL is the ideal calibration laboratory for your Beamex MC2/MC4/MC5/MC6, Druck DPI620, Fluke, Additel, and many more.  Our low uncertainties in pressure and electrical means that we can prove the best performance from your instruments, while our fast turnaround means that they are back in service with minimal downtime.   Contact us for a quote.

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