Turnaround Time

Standard Turnaround Option

Most calibrations are performed under our "Standard Turnaround" option. For general pressure and electrical instruments, this option requires your instruments to be at APL for typically 4-8 business days. There is no need to pre-book instruments for this service, but you are welcome to let us know if you are sending something for calibration, or contact us for a quote in advance.

Complex instruments, such as Dead Weight Testers, usually require a longer time, so recommend allowing up to 10 business days for these.

Expedited (Urgent) Turnaround Option

We understand that urgent calibration requirements are sometimes unavoidable, or that the cost associated with critical instruments being out-of-service during calibration is prohibitive. For these instances we offer our "Expedited Turnaround" option. This is a true next-on-the-bench service where instruments are handled with the shortest possible turnaround time (allowing for required warm-up and acclimation in our laboratory). Typical turnaround is 1-2 business days for standard instruments and 4 days for complex instruments, such as Dead Weight Testers.

This services requires pre-planning at APL to ensure we are setup and have capacity for your instruments before they arrive. Therefore, we do require you to pre-book instruments for this service to ensure we can deliver the fastest possible service.

This is a resource intensive service and additional fees apply. Contact us for a quote and to pre-book if you have an urgent requirement.

Physical address for deliveries:

Australian Pressure Laboratory Pty Ltd
Unit 9, 39-45 Susan Street
Eltham, Victoria 3095, Australia

Opening hours: 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday