APL is the trusted provider of pressure calibration and reference traceability.

Our pressure capability is unique and has been developed over more than 25 years, with industry-leading accredited uncertainties enabling us to calibrate even the most demanding pressure instruments.

We offer accredited calibration for a wide range of pressure instruments including:

  • Digital Pressure Gauges & Calibrators

  • Automatic Pressure Controllers

  • Precision Barometers

  • Pressure Transmitters

  • Air Data and Pitot Static Test Sets

  • Industrial and Test Gauges

  • Liquid Manometers

  • Backflow Test Kits

  • Oil-free Testing

Calibration of Modular Pressure & Multifunction Calibrators

  • Calibration of Dead Weight Testers (Pressure Balances and Piston Gauges)

  • Mass Calibration of Weights for Pressure Balances

  • Software for Calculation of Generated Pressure

  • Gauge and Absolute Pressure

  • Vacuum to 500 MPa (5000 bar / 72500 psi)

Calibrating weights for pressure balances

Our unique capabilities are the result of our commitment to continuous research and improvement since we were established in 1994. It is the combination of our reference equipment and the knowledge and experience of our skilled engineers that ensure APL continues to be the trusted provider of pressure traceability for so many laboratories and instrument users across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Some of our reference equipment has been developed in-house and can't be found anywhere elsewhere in the world.

Calibrations in absolute pressure using an absolute pressure balance

If you require high quality accredited calibration of your pressure instruments, request a quote online, or call us on +61 (0)3 9431 3658